Bosnia-Herzegovina has a rich literary tradition going back to the middle ages. Writers who have gained international recognition through translation of their work include Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andric (famous for The Bridge over the Drina and Travnik Chronicles), Branko Copic, the poet Mak Dizdar (The Stone Sleeper), Isak Samokovlje (Tales of Old Sarajevo) and Mesa Selimovic (Death and the Dervish).

More recently the works of Miljenko Jergovic (Sarajevo Marlboro, Karivani), Dzevad Karahasan (Sarajevo, Exodus of a City), Ivan Lovrenovic, Predrag Matvejevic, Semezdin Mehmedinovic (Sarajevo Blues), Goran Simic (Sprinting from the Graveyard), Jasna Samic (Pavillion bosniaque) and Abdulah Sidran, participants in the post war flowering of Bosnian literature, have reached readers outside their country. Scar on the Stone is a new important anthology of the work of living Bosnian poets in English translation.

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