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Short History of Bosnian Film
Following WW2, Hajrudin Šiba Krvavac made some extremely skilful and commercially successful action films set in the war, the most famous being ‘Valter Brani Sarajevo' (Walter Defends Sarajevo). Bato Cengic stands out for his seriousness and the completeness of his authorial personality and film poetics, e.g in ‘Uloga Moje Porodice u Svjetskoj Revoluciji’ (The Role of My Family in the World Revolution), whilst Mirza Idrizovic’s wonderful take on the early days of WW2 in Sarajevo presented in his masterpiece ‘Miris Dunja’ (The Scent of Quinces) revealed him to be one of Bosnia’s most important film directors of the older generation.

Ademir Kenovic directed what were to become the classics of Bosnia's recent cinematography, ‘Ovo Malo Duše' (This Little Bit of Soul) and ‘Kuduz'. Meanwhile Sarajevo-born Emir Kusturica assured his role on the international film scene by winning the Golden Lion at Venice in 1981 for his debut ‘Sjecaš li se, Dolly Bell'( Do you Remember, Dolly Bell), followed by the Palme D'Or Cannes in 1985 for ‘Otac Na Sluzbenom Putu' (When Father Was Away on Business).

Following the war, Bosnia continues to produce award-winning films: Ademir Kenovic's ‘Savrseni Krug’ (The Perfect Circle), as the first Bosnian feature film made after the war, won major awards at Cannes, Paris, Jerusalem and Tokyo Film Festivals - and was voted by film-makers onto a shortlist of 6 out of 200 candidates for the European Film Academy's Film of the Year 1997. The new generation of post-war film directors continues to flourish: young graduate Aida Begic entered the official Cannes selection with her short film ‘First Death Experience’ in 2002, Srdjan Vuletic won the best short documentary award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2000. After receiving the Palme D’Or for best scenario at the Cannes Festival 2001 for his feature film ‘No Man’s Land’, Danis Tanovic went on to win the Golden Globe and ultimately the Oscar for his film, confirming thus a strong presence of what has become an authentic Bosnian film school. Most recently, Ahmed Imamovic received the European Academy Award Felix for his short film ’10 Minutes’.


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