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New Series no.17/18 July - September 2000

Mira Markovic on Vojislav Šešelj:

'It is amazing that people, even in his party, seem to be unaware how deeply pathological his aggressiveness is; that it is the expression of a specific physiological or psychological weakness or deformation. Šešelj's political programme is contained in his almost unbelievably brutal and morbid statement that he would much rather hang people than cut their throats, which is unhygienic. It is easier for him to attack me rather than the mujahedeen. Easier to hold press conferences than to fight at the front. Easier indeed to be living in Belgrade than in Sarajevo. This is why Vojislav Šešelj prefers to wage war against me rather than join the men fighting in Bosnia. Šešelj, indeed, is not a Serb. He is a Turk, and of the most primitive kind bequeathed by history at that.* Or it may be that he is simply not a man. To be truthful, in my opinion he is neither one nor the other: neither a Serb nor a man.'

* Allusion to the fact that most people called Šešelj are ethnically Croat. Šešelj comes from Herzegovina, where the ending -elj in personal or place names is not uncommon. In the Dubrovnik area, and only there, smallpox used to be called šeše, so it is possible that the family name originated from someone with a pockmarked face.

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