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New Series no.17/18 July - September 2000

Vojislav Šešelj on Mira Markovic:

'She closely resembles Mao Tse-tung. But while he published a small book containing quotations from his works, she writes huge volumes using up what little printing paper is available. In regard to her moral qualities she is a typical Communist feminist of the Rosa Luxemburg or Clara Zetkin type, though she reminds one mostly of Elena Ceausescu. Her popularity has even surpassed that of Jerina the Cursed [? - 1458] Lavatory paper is the best medium for expressing her thoughts. Best suited for expressing her inventiveness, creativity and originality, it completes her personality most wonderfully.'

And on Slobodan Miloševic:

'Slobodan Miloševic's psychopathic nature is revealed by his complete psychological profile. This is true especially of his paranoia, shared with many tyrants and autocrats in the past. Already as a student he exhibited his enormous talent for lying. I have been able to experience personally just how accomplished a liar he is. Also how rigid he is in his personal relations, lacking elementary humour and displaying great conceit. His talent for scheming, in which he has no equal, has brought him unimaginable results and represents his basic political capital.'

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