bosnia report
New Series No: 35 August - September 2003
A judge called Dobrica
by Miodrag Stanisavljevic


Dobrica Ćosić has excused himself from testifying at the court in The Hague on the grounds of his advanced age and weak heart. He has also refused to accept a visit, however brief, from the court's investigators. His message to them: 'All I could say, I have said already in my books.'

The warehouses of Belgrade publishers must still contain what used to be called 'avenues' , and there is bound to be an avenue of Dobrica Ćosić's moth-eaten tomes. So let the investigators do their bit by acquiring these and studying them with care.

Dobrica Ćosić rejects the very idea of responsibility, rejects also the role of witness, and clearly sees himself solely in the role of judge - condemning the court investigators to the pretty cruel punishment of having to read his books.

Translated from Republika (Belgrade), 1-28 February 2003


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