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New Series No: 36 October - December 2003
Chronology of events: September - October 2003


1 September 2003

Mirsad Kebo, FBiH minister for Refugees, states that there are still one million refugees and displaced persons waiting to return to their prewar homes, 17,000 persons still missing since the war

4 September 2003

Dragan Nikolić pleads guilty to crimes committed at Sušica camp, near Vlasenica

FbiH intelligence service (FOSS) chief Ivan Vukšić resigns, accused of instigating anti-SFOR protests during raid on Hercegovačka Banka

Milorad Krnojelac, who ran the notorious KP Dom prison at Foča, after appealing his sentence has it doubled to fifteen years

5 September 2003

Carla del Ponte is reappointed Prosecutor for ICTY for further four years, but loses responsibility for Rwanda tribunal

Proposed replacement of Human Rights Chamber established under Dayton by a Commission with more restricted powers encounters widespread criticism from human-rights NGOs and activists

9 September 2003

Momčilo Mandić is released without charge in Belgrade

12 September 2003

Educational reforms agreed by B-H presidency: they will leave three different curricula, delivered in three different languages, but will unify previously divided schools administratively

15 September 2003

Air Bosna suspends all flights, unable to pay accumulated debts

19 September 2003

B-H foreign minister Mladen Ivanić claims in Austrian Die Presse that separation of Kosovo from Serbia would raise the issue of ‘secession of Serb and Croat territories’ in B-H

20 September 2003

20,000 attend the opening of memorial centre at Potočari, commemorating the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, in the presence of former US president Bill Clinton, High Representative Paddy Ashdown and other notables

Momir Nikolić pleads guilty at trial related to Srebrenica massacre, and testifies to his own role and that of others in its organization and attempted cover-up

23 September 2003

Indictment by ICTY of four senior Serbian military and police officials - Nebojša Pavlović, Vladimir Lazarević, Vlastimir Đorđević and Sreten Lukić - for war crimes in Kosovo is followed by large-scale demonstrations of solidarity with Lukić by police in Belgrade

25 September 2003

After weeks of heavy pressure from OHR and European politicians, all-party commission on defence reform accepts a draft proposal that will create a B-H defence ministry, but one with a tripartite (Bosniak/Croat/Serb) authority structure; and a formally unified army made up of ethnically pure units with no change to their existing chains of command; thus retrospectively legitimizing and preserving the anti-Bosnian armed forces responsible for aggression in 1992-95

29 September 2003

B-H presidency endorses compromise agreement on military reforms, intended to pave the way for eventual B-H membership of NATO

2 October 2003

RS assembly seeks abandonment of B-H genocide case against Serbia/Montenegro; SDA leader Suleiman Tihić rejects this

3 October 2003

B-H, Croatia and Serbia/Montenegro sign agreement on common border areas

7 October 2003

B-H and Serbia/Montenegro sign agreement on refugee return

16 October 2003

Commission set up by OHR to determine the status of Mostar recommends a single city budget and administration

19 October 2003

Alija Izetbegović, wartime president of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, former leader of SDA, first postwar president of the Bosnia-Herzegovina established at Dayton, dies

21 October 2003

Serb representative prevents presidency agreement on period of mourning for Izetbegović; RS shows no official marks of respect

23 October 2003

Estimated one hundred and fifty thousand attend Izetbegović’s funeral procession through Sarajevo


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