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New Series No: 37-38 January - March 2004
Secure peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina
by Doris Pack MEP

EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament

Secure peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Doris Pack MEP

On the occasion of the eight anniversary of the Dayton agreement European politicians from nine different countries published a joint declaration on the peace process in Bosnia-Herzegovina on 16 December 2003. The Dayton agreement ended the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Signatories are listed below.

This declaration refers to the precarious situation in the country, which could endanger the peace process with devastating consequences for the region. The initiative was taken by the European conference Justitia Pax, with participation by Tadeusz Mazowiecki (Poland), Hans Koschnick (Germany), Doris Pack, MEP (Germany), Philippe Morillon, MEP (France), Hans-Gert Poettering, MEP (Germany), Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP (France), Joost Lagendijk MEP (Netherlands), Johannes Swoboda, MEP (Austria) and Vytautas Landsbergis (Lithuania). According to the signatories the present basic legal and political conditions, as given in the Dayton agreement, obstruct necessary economic and political development.

Therefore the signatories request politicians in charge in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the international community and in particular in the Member States of the European Union, to substantially develop the Dayton agreement in the context of an international conference.


Elmar Brok, MEP, Chairman of the Foreign Committee
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, MEP, Co-Chairman the Green Group in the EP
Detlef Dzembritzki, MP, responsible for Bosnia in the German Bundestag
Prof. Dr. Bronislaw Geremek, Former Foreign Minister of Poland
Jose Maria Gil Robles Gil Delgado, MEP, Former President of the European Parliament, President of the International European Movement
Gret Haller, Former ombudsman for human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Thilo Hoppe, MP
Hans Koschnick, Former EU Administrator in Mostar
Sergej Kovaljov, Former human rights representative for the Russian President
Jacek Kuron, Former Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Poland
Joost Lagendijk, MEP, Member of the Delegation for relations with the countries of south-east Europe
Prof. Dr. Vytantas Landsbergis, Former President of Lithuania
Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Former Prime Minister of Poland and former UN representative for human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Phillipe Morillon, MEP, Supreme Commander of UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-93


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