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New Series No: 37-38 January - March 2004

1995  February Noel Malcolm ‘Western policy in Bosnia: lessons of failure’; March Paul Williams ‘The illegality of the arms embargo on B-H’; April Chris Cviić ‘The Croatian dimension of the Bosnian war’; May Sebina Sivac ‘Experience in a Serb concentration camp’;  Lynne Jones and Adrian Hastings Reports on visits to Sarajevo; June Melanie McDonagh ‘A visit to Travnik, Zenica and Tuzla’; July Karen Kelly and Zoran Pajić ‘War-crimes prosecution in relation to B-H’;  September Reginald Hibbert ‘The imaginary war in the former Yugoslavia’;October Srđa Pavlović ‘The present situation in Montenegro’; Lee Bryant Report on a visit to Central Bosnia; November Isa Zymberi ‘The present situation in Kosova’, Branka Magaš ‘Croatian politics and the Croatian role in B-H’;  December Khawar Qureshi Briefing on the Dayton negotiations

1996  January Stanko Cerović ‘The impact of Dayton on Serbia and Montenegro’;  February Muhamed Filipović Contemporary B-H in historical context’; March Branka Magaš and Noel Malcolm Report on ADB-H Sarajevo visit;  April Lynne Jones Report on a trip to Sarajevo; May Neđo Milićević ‘The Dayton Accords and the disintegration of B-H’; June Marian Wenzel Report on a visit to Sanski Most and Prijedor; July Noel Malcolm ‘The electoral provisions of the Dayton Accords’; August Zlatko Kramarić ‘Osijek, Tuzla and Croatian-Bosnian relations’; September Indijana Harper ‘Problems of FB-H and the return of refugees’; October Lynne Jones ‘Collective responsibility for war crimes in B-H’, Noel Malcolm ‘Results of the Bosnian elections’;  November G. Greenall ‘ODA funding and implementing the Dayton Accords’; December Zoran Pajić ‘Progress of implementation of the Dayton Accords’

1997  January Jane Sharp ‘The "Equip and Train" programme for the Bosnian armed forces’; February Miladin Životić The demonstrations in Serbia and the Zajedno coalition’;  March Bogić Bogićević ‘The non-implementation of the Dayton Accords’;  April Jean-Franklin Narodetzki and Sylvaine Walker ‘France's Bosnia policy’; May Paul Anderson, Gaby Rado and Martin Woollacott ‘Role of the media during the war in B-H’; June Stipe Mesić ‘The events of 1991 in the former Yugoslavia’; July David Rohde ‘Srebrenica: Europe's worst massacre since World War II’;  August Lynne Jones ‘The current situation in Goražde’;  September Zlatko Lagumdžija ‘The conditions for establishing democracy in B-H’;  October Senad Pećanin Outcome of the local elections in B-H’; November Stanko Cerović ‘The crises in Serbia, Montenegro and RS’; December Ahmed Žilić ‘The case of the Zvornik Seven’, Peter Deck ‘The international community and refugee return’


1998  January Nigel Osborne ‘Education in Mostar’; February Geoffrey Freerston and Bernard McMahon ‘Possibilities for refugees to return to their homes in B-H today’;  March Screening of Ademir Kenović's Perfect Circle;   April Miodrag Živanović ‘Current situation in RS, since election of Dodik coalition government’;  May Noel Malcolm and Marc Weller ‘The situation in Kosova’, accompanied by recent original film footage by Chris Wenner; June Ivo Komšić ‘Future of the Croat population of B-H’; July Rusmir Mahmutćehajić ‘Bosnia's future and future Bosnias’; September Suad Arnautović Background information to elections; October Blerim Shala ‘The present situation in Kosova’; November Dušan Simić ‘The present situation in Serbia’; December Christine von Kohl ‘Austrian and German policies towards the former Yugoslavia’

1999  January Paul Garde ‘French policies in the Balkans’;  February Chris Cviić and Martin Woollacott ‘Continuity and change in Western policy in the former Yugoslavia’; March Daut Dauti, Jane Sharp and Jonathan Steele ‘Kosova and Western strategy’;  April Seada Vranić ‘Breaking the wall of silence: the voices of raped Bosnia’; May Isuf Berisha, Dana Allin and Branka Magaš ‘Kosova and regional stability’; June Sonja Biserko ‘Serbia's future and the present crisis’; July Andrei Piontkovsky ‘Russia's policies in the Balkans’; September Lynne Jones ‘Myth and reality in Kosova: a personal view’; October Rasim Kadić ‘Who will implement Dayton on refugee return?’; November Ivan Čolović ‘The myth of national identity’; December Svetlana Broz ‘Good people in evil times’


2000  January Vildana Helić ‘Women and politics in B-H’; February Sergei Romanenko ‘Russia and the South Slavs in the 19th and 20th centuries’; March Kurt Bassuener ‘US policy today in the former Yugoslavia’;  April Mark Thompson ‘Real goals of international policy in the former Yugoslavia’;  May Zoran Pajić ‘Establishing the rule of law in B-H’; June Charles Crawford ‘B-H in the post-Milošević era?’; July Žarana Papić ‘A social experiment in losing the future’; September Janusz Bugajski ‘The End of the Balkans?’; October Muhamed Filipović ‘Can Bosnia move forward from Dayton?’; November Gary Bass ‘Justice, politics and The Hague’; December Miodrag Vlahović ‘Montenegrin independence:desirable, feasible, necessary?’


2001  January Lynne Jones ‘What country is this?’; February Ivo Žanić ‘Culture and political will - the case of present-day B-H’;  March Dragoljub Stojanov ‘How could B-H become politically and economically viable?’; April Adem Demaçi and Blerim Reka ‘Kosova’s constitutional status and regional stability’; May Osman Topčagić ‘B-H and European integration’; June Nick Thorpe Presentation of film The Vineleaf and the Rose;  July Alan Charlton ‘The future of South-East Europe’; September Paulin Kola, Noel Malcolm, Gabriel Partos and Isa Zymberi ‘Is there an Albanian question?’; October Bishop Franjo Komarica ‘Banja Luka's heritage of diversity’; András Riedlmayer ‘War on memory: past and future of heritage in B-H and Kosova’; November Sven Alkalaj, Branka Magaš and Noel Malcolm ‘The War in Croatia and B-H 1991-95’;  December Brendan Simms ‘Britain and Bosnia 1992-1995'

2002  January Mirko Klarin ‘Justice and the Hague tribunal’; February Milka Tadić-Mijović ‘Montenegro before the referendum’; March James Lyon ‘Reform and stability: the agenda for 2002'; April Haris Silajdžić ‘Implications for B-H of the genocide indictments’; May Nexhmedin Spahiu ‘Political processes in Kosova: the view from Mitrovica’; June Tone Bringa Presentation of films We are all neighbours (1993) and Returning home (2001);  July Colin Munro ‘The future of B-H - a Mostar perspective’; September Saćir Filandra ‘Repercussions in Bosnia of 11 September’; October Tina Wik ‘Restoration and preservation of historic monuments in B-H’; November Božidar Jezernik ‘The Balkan myth’; December Gordana Knežević ‘Bread and news - the fight to keep Sarajevo's wartime press alive’

2003  January Adam LeBor ‘Inside the mind of Milošević’; February Gregory Kent ‘Framing genocide and intervention: the Bosnian war and British media’;  March Colum Murphy ‘Why outside military intervention was needed in Bosnia’;   April Zlatko Hadžidedić ‘Bosnia and the nation’; May Petar Luković ‘Are there independent media in Serbia?’;  June Skender Hyseni ‘Kosova today and tomorrow’;  July Emir Suljagić ‘The Hague, historical truth and justice;  September Tom Gallagher ‘Stabilizing South-East Europe?’; October Isabelle Wesselingh and Arnaud Vaulerin ‘Prijedor - the sequel to genocide’;  November Nebojša Čagorović, with the participation of Sonja Biserko ‘Montenegro: today, tomorrow - and relations with Serbia’;  December Olga Popović-Obradović ‘Historical heritage as a determining factor of democratic transition in Serbia’


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