bosnia report
New Series No: 39-40 April - July 2004
Europe and Montenegro
by Ivan Vujovic

‘With its glaringly misconceived approach and frontal obstruction of Montenegro’s right to self-determination, Europe has contributed also to the rebirth of the political kitsch of the anachronistic Great Serb idea. It cultivated Koštunica and got the Radicals in return. Let Solana and Patten now hug them too as partners in a common project of Euro-Atlantic integration. We in Montenegro, on the other hand, are left with the task of organizing better our efforts to bring about a free and independent Montenegro - devoid of populist spectacles, and where the whole process will not depend on any one individual or party. The sooner we grasp this, the better off we shall be.’

Ivan Vujović, Monitor (Podgorica), 9 January 2004


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