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New Series No: 41 August - September 2004


- Regular Forums continue on the first Monday of every month (or the second, if the first falls on a Bank Holiday) from 7 pm to 9 pm at our usual venue, The Boardroom, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, W1 (in association with the Centre for the Study of Democracy).

The next meeting will take place on 4 October 2004, when Osman Topčagić, who served as ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the UK from1997 to 2001, and has since then been director of the Directorate for European Integration of the B-H Council of Ministers, will speak about the prospects for (and obstacles to) Bosnia’s accession to European institutions, including eventually the European Union.

- On 5 July 2004 we were treated to a lively discussion on ‘Milošević in The Hague: the strategy of war crimes or the chief prosecutor on trial’, introduced by James Gow, professor of war studies at King’s College, University of London,, and based on his recently published book, The Serbian Project and its Adversaries (Hurst & Co., 300 pp., £16.50, available from The Bosnian Institute).

- On 6 September 2004 our guest speaker was Edita Tahiri - foreign minister in the government of Kosova from 1991 to 2000, member of the presidency of the Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) 1991-98, participant in the London Conference on the Former Yugoslavia in 1992, negotiator at the Rambouillet Conference in 1999, and leader of the newly formed Democratic Alternative of Kosova - who introduced a stimulating discussion on Kosova today, arguing eloquently that seeking to postpone the issue of Kosova’s status until certain ‘standards’ have been met risks generating both internal and regional instability.




Buy direct from The Bosnian Institute


Bosnia & Herzegovina: The Bradt Travel Guide, Tim Clancy, 256 pages, 8 colour photos,19 maps, £13.95

• The first single-country guide to B-H in English

• Details of all the national parks

• Hiking and mountain walks

• Full practical information – red tape, accommodation, food and transport

'The Bradt guide highlights that Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the last undiscovered tourist destinations in Europe.' Paddy Ashdown


Gojko Berić, Letters to the Celestial Serbs, £14.99

Norman Cigar, Vojislav Koštunica and Serbia’s Future, £10

James Gow, The Serbian Project and its Adversaries, £16.50

Quintin Hoare and Noel Malcolm (ed.), Books on Bosnia, £10

Robin Harris, Dubrovnik, a history (hardback, illustrated), £25

Božidar Jezernik, Wild Europe: the Balkans in the gaze of Western travellers (illustrated), £14.99

Adam LeBor, Milošević, a biography (hardback), £20

Ivan Lovrenović, Bosnia - a cultural history (hardback, illustrated), £19.95

Branka Magaš and Ivo Žanić (ed.), The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-95, £14.50

Colum Murphy, ‘Aza Beast’, a Bosnian war journal (hardback), £10

Mirko Pejanović, Through Bosnian Eyes: political memoirs of a Bosnian Serb, £10

Aleksander Aco Ravlić, Banjalučka Ferhadija: ljepotica koju su ubili (hardback, illustrated), £25

Daoud Sarhandi and Alina Boboc, Evil Doesn’t Live Here Any More: posters from the Bosnian war (large format, illustrated), £17.95

Brendan Simms, Unfinest Hour: Britain and the destruction of Bosnia, £8.99/Najsramniji trenutak: Britanija i uništavanje Bosne, £10

Isabelle Wesselingh and Arnaud Vaulerin, Bosnie, la mémoire B vif, £15

Paul Williams and Norman Cigar, Indictment at The Hague: the Milošević regime and crimes of the Balkan wars (hardback), £15

To order any of these titles, send a (sterling or US dollar) cheque or money order made out to The Bosnian Institute, adding p.&p. per item: UK £1, Europe £2, USA £3 (with dollar payments, allow $2 to the £1 to cover bank charges)


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