bosnia report
No. 15 April - June 1996
How the OSCE Reinterprets Dayton

Dayton Accords

'A citizen who no longer lives in the municipality in which he or she resided in 1991 shall, as a general rule, be expected to vote, in person or by absentee ballot, in that municipality .... Such a citizen may, however, ape to the Commission to cast his or her ballot elsewhere.'

OSCE Rules and Regulations of the Provisional Election Commission

'As exceptions to the general rule, the Commission will grant the right to change the place of registration in the following circumstances .....(b) Persons who were citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 6 April 1992, but who have changed their place of residence since that date, either voluntarily or forcibly as a result of the war, may register to vote in the municipality in which they now live and intend to continue to live ..... (c) Refugees and displaced persons who do not wish to exercise the right ..... ;freely to return to their homes of origin' may be registered to vote in the municipality in which they intend to live in future.'


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