bosnia report
No. 15 April - June 1996
Mak Dizdar
by (from Kameni spavac) Doci ces jednog dana na celu oklopnika   sa sje vera I srusiti do termelja moj grad Blazen u sebi. Veleci unisten je on sad I unistena je nevjerna njegova vjera.

I cudit ces se potom kad cujes kako
ponovo koracam
tih po gradu
opet te zeleci
Da, upravo tako.

You'll come one day leading men in
  armour from the north
and destroy my city to its foundations
Feeling beatific.
'it is destroyed now
and destroyed too is
its infidel

And then you'll be astonished to hear me
pacing anew
silently through the city
wanting you again.
Yes, just so.


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