bosnia report
No. 2 December - 1993
Defend Bosnia!
by From the Editors

Since our last newsletter events have proved beyond all doubt that the EC and UN-sponsored Geneva "peace process" is designed to legitimize the partition of Bosnia-Herzegovina between Serbia and Croatia. This is the first time in history that dismemberment of a state, and the policy of genocide that goes by the name of "ethnic cleansing", are being openly tolerated and approved by other member states of the UN. The professed support for a rump Muslim state should not be taken seriously, since nobody believes that the state will be viable, not least in the face of the clear lack of international will to defend its proposed borders.

What is at stake is not only the fate of one specific country. Bosnia- Herzegovina provides a litmus test of international commitment to the fundamental moral and civilizational values built into various international laws and charters (such as the UN Charter and the Convention on Genocide), as well as to the principle of collective security here in Europe. If that commitment is definitiveely abandoned, then the future of the European continent at the turn of the second millenium looks bleak indeed. The outcome of the "peace negotiations" in Geneva thus marks a historic turning point.

Given the obduracy of the British Government in regard to maintenance of the arms embargo, pursuit of ethnic partition and non-cooperation with the UN war crimes tribunal, the Bosnian government's stated intention to charge the United Kingdom with complicity in genocide at the International Court in The Hague should come as no surprise. Indeed, the current threat by Douglas Hurd and David Owen to suspend humanitarian aid if the Bosnian government does not surrender entirely contradicts their earlier position that maintenance of the arms embargo was a precondition for humanitarian relief. It is, therefore, right that Sarajevo should question the good faith of the British Government, as well as the whole purpose of the Geneva "process".

Bosnia's stubborn resistance has bought additional time. Pressure on governments, especially here in Britain, can still make the difference. The argument remains to be won. Lifting the arms embargo and appropriate military intervention in support of Bosnia's sovereignty and integrity are as necessary today as they were at the start of the aggression. The peace of the grave must be rejected in favour of a Bosnia that lives.


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