bosnia report
No. 4 February - March 1994
Appeal from Imam

To All of Those Who Still Believe in Love and Divine Justice

With our right to self-defence denied by the international community and the likelihood of foreign intervention ever more distant, the Muslim people in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina face a continuation of the genocidal war that has been carried on against them for more than a year. The real prospect of our extinction looms. The aggression against us has taken 200,000 lives, involved the rape of tens of thousands of Muslim women, destroyed over eight hundred mosques in Northern Bosnia alone, and displaced more than a million people from their homes.

Increasingly, life in Europe for Bosnian Muslims has turned into life in a concentration camp. The latest UN resolutions calling for "safe havens" for Bosnian Muslims are little more than a call for the establishment of Muslim "reservations" and all but guarantee the death of Bosnia-Herzegovina. If the resolutions are implemented, the result will not be a just settlement but a contravention of all the principles of order and justice that the international community claims to hold dear.

We the Muslims of Bosnia, have been betrayed. All that remains to us is the hope that people who believe in love and justice, particularly the religious leaders of the world's major faiths, will stand with us.

We call upon all the Muslim clerics in the world in the name of Muslim Altruism, on the leadership of all the Christian denominations - Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant - in the name of Christian love and mercy, on the Jewish Rabbinate in the name of supreme justice, and on every Buddhist in the name of Buddha's compassion, as well as secular humanists in the name of their principles, to help us.

We call upon them to come to Sarajevo and stand with us in our hour of torment.

Let them find courage to come to Sarajevo now, for in the future there will be no excuse for having stood by and done nothing as Sarajevo died and the genocide of Bosnia's Muslims was accomplished. Let them voice love in the face of hatred, justice in the face of murder. And let them voice those religious vows here in SÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌàarajevo, the city of mosques, churches and synagogues where different faiths and traditions have always lived in peace.

We, the Muslims of Bosnia, shall continue to defend the spirit of Sarajevo with or without outside help. We shall remain faithful to the word of God and faithful to the ideal of Bosnia. It is up to people of conscience all over the world to decide whether they will help us in our struggle to survive or watch from afar as we are murdered.

Prof. Dr Mustafa Ceric

Supreme Head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 1993.


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