bosnia report
No. 13 January - 1996
VII. Provisions related to Refugees and Displaced Persons
by Signed in Paris on 14 December 1995

VII. Provisions related to Refugees and Displaced Persons
(Annex 7)

UNHCR is to develop, in consultation with asylum states and the Parties (here, the RBH, FBH and RS), a plan for the repatriation of refugees and displaced persons. The plan is to be implemented by the Parties. Personnel of the UNHCR, the ICRC and other organizations are to be provided full freedom of movement and access to facilitate their activities relate to refugees and displaced persons.

The Parties are obliged to abolish laws, eliminate structures and discourage activities that interfere with the return of the refugees or displaced persons, and remove or prosecute authorities responsible for human rights violations. No returnee is to be charged for a crime related to the prosecution of the war, other than a serious violation of international humanitarian law as defined in the statute of the UN War Crimes Tribunal.

Property is to be returned to lawful owners. Lawful owners are to be compensated if they so request or if property cannot be returned - although the Accords do not define criteria for legitimate reasons why property 'cannot' be returned. Within 90 days of the signing of the Accords, a Commission for Displaced Persons and Refuges, consisting of four representatives appointed by the FBH, two by the RS and three by the ECHR, is to be established to handle property claims by returnees. The Central Bank is to establish a Refugee and Displaced Persons Property Fund, which will operate with revenues from the purchase, sale, lease and mortgage of real property, and from donations from the RBH, FBH, RS, international organizations and foreign states.


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