bosnia report
No. 13 January - 1996
VIII. Provisions for Police Monitoring
by Signed in Paris on 14 December 1995

VIII. Provisions for Police Monitoring
(Annex 11)

The UN Security Council is to establish a 'UN International Police Task Force' (IPTF) under the guidance of the High Representative. Despite its title, the IPTF itself is to have no authority to function as a police force. Rather, it is to monitor, observe, advise and - if asked train the police forces of BH or the Parties (here, RBH, FBH, RS). Within 30 days of the signing of the Accords, the Parties are to provide the IPTF with information on the size, location and force structure of their law enforcement agencies, as well as further information as requested by the IPTF. There is no mechanism for the ITPF to vet from the police force any person reasonably suspected of committing atrocities.


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