bosnia report
No. 13 January - 1996
IX. Secret Provisions
by Signed in Paris on 14 December 1995

IX. Secret Provisions

In Dayton, Croatia and the FRY conducted bilateral talks with the aim of reaching two secret side agreements. The first, which was reportedly completed before the conclusion of the Dayton talks, would prohibit Croatia from objecting to the FRY's application for membership in international organizations, either as a new member or as a successor to the Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) 22.

The second would reportedly provide the RS with access to the Adriatic Sea through Croatia's cession of land on the Prevlaka peninsula north of the Bay of Kotor. In exchange, the RS would cede sufficient land north of Dubrovnik to allegedly make the Croatian port safe from military attack. This agreement was reportedly still being negotiated after the conclusion of the Dayton talks 23.

Marshall Freeman Harris & Stephen Walker
The Balkan Institute, Washinton · 22 December 1995


  1. This deal appears to be limited to the specific issue described above. On 1 December 1995 Croatian President Franjo Tudjman stated that Croatia had agreed 'not to oppose the continuity of this Yugoslavia (ie. Serbia-Montenegro) being linked with that of the former Yugoslavia, though not in terms of its being the sole successor to the SFRY'. (see Embassy of Croatia Bulletin, Washington DC, 8 December 1995). Sole succession, however, was not the issue being negotiated at Dayton. After the Dayton agreement, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia agreed to meet to discuss efforts to prevent Belgrade from seizing approximately $60 billion in assets of the SFRY'.
  2. In public statements, President Tudjman has downplayed the significance of the talks on both issues, but has not denied either set of negotiations. On 1 December 1995 be stated that 'no accord of any mind on cession (or Prevlaka) has been foreseen, permitted and least of all concluded'; thereby suggesting that he may be backing away from the proposed exchange of territory. (See Embassy of Croatia Bulletin, 9 December 1995).


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