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No. 11 June - August 1995
An Open Letter to Croatian Leaders

On 20 July 1995 the Alliance to Defend Bosnia-Herzegovina sent the following letter to the leaders of all Croatian political parties.

'Shocked by the international community's passivity towards the fall of the 'safe area' of Srebrenica and the terrible suffering of the people, we in the Alliance to Defend Bosnia-Hrzegovina here in Great Britain appeal to you to do all in your power to stop the genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Conscious of just how much our own government had contributed to the Bosnian tragedy, we established the Alliance a few years ago as a means to alter its shameful policy. We have acted throughout in the conviction that there will be no peace in southeastern Europe until and unless both Bosnia-Herzsegovina and Croatia regain full control over their territories, as a prelude to the return of their expelled and displaced population. Any solution relying on ethnic partition of Bosnia-Herzegovina would be a disaster also for Croatia.

All our past experience tells us, however, that there will be no peace - no just and lasting settlement in the region - without a military defeat of the Greatr Serbia project. Such a defeat will not come through military intervention from outside. It can be achieved only through a firm political and military alliance between Zagreb and Sarajevo. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia must stand together against the Serbian aggressor. Your own action at this moment is of decisive importance.

We urge you to do all in your power to make sure such an alliance comes into being, and are willinÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ°g to help in whatever way we can. There is not much time to lose. History will condemn us all - in Great Britain, in Croatia and in Bosnia-Herzegovina - unless we work together to put a stop to the great evils of fascism and genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina.'

Signed by Dr Mark Almond, David Alton MP, Jill Craigie, Michael Foot, Robin Harris, Professor Adrian Hastings, Quintin Hoare (secretary), Kate Hoey MP, Calum Macdonald MP, Dr Noel Malcolm, Professor Norman Stone, Malcolm Wicks, MP.


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