bosnia report
No. 19 June - August 1997
Individual Responsibility

'The Moslems made every effort to work out who was 'top dog' among the Serbs: Karadzic, Krajisnik, Koljevic, Plavsic, Buha, Maksimovic, or even SDS advisers like, say, Ekmecic or Leovac ..... but they never got wind of the truth, which is that it was a collective leadership.'

Dr Dragan Kalinic, president of the
national assembly of Republica Srpska
(and one of the main supporters of Karadzic and
Krajisnik in their current struggle against Biljana Plavsic)

'Until Nuremberg, for the victims of
German aggression all Germans and
Germany as a whole were guilty; after Nuremberg, concrete
Germans and the Hitler regime were guilty. So far as the
Bosnian war too is concerned, guilt must be individualised in
order to make reconciliation possible.'

Stipe Mesic, speaking to the
Alliance meeting in June 1997


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