bosnia report
No. 19 June - August 1997
IUF Statement

Participants in the IUF/ECF-IUF Eastern and Central European Coordinating Committee Meeting in Dubrovnik, 12-14 June 1997, representing 30 trade union's organizations from 24 countries, express our deep concern at ongoing violations of basic human rights in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia stemming from the failure to implement key aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Specifically, we refer to the failure to guarantee freedom of movement and the right of all refugees to return to their homes; cooperation with the International War Crimes Tribunal and the prosecution of the many indicted war criminals who remain at large, often in positions of political influence; respect for the territorial integrity o Bosnia-Herzegovina; and guarantees of the rights of all nationalities to live and work in a democratic state. We further reject efforts forcibly to repatriate refugees from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia under conditions where their lives an safety cannot bÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ`e guaranteed, and many find it impossible to return to their homes.

We call upon the international community and specifically those states directly involved in the implementation of the Dayton Agreement, to act now to ensure that all the peoples of Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia can return to their homes and communities and begin the task of rebuilding their lives in a democratic society free of violence with credible mechanisms for ensuring that basic democratic and human rights are respected. Peace and human rights are indivisible.

IUF is an international trade-union federation composed of trade unions organizing workers in the food, agricultural, hotel, restaurant, catering and tobacco sectors. It is made up of 328 unions in 112 countries. It has members in all the states of former Yugoslavia, including independent unions of food and agricultural workers in Kosova, the food and tourism workers' union affiliated to the independent confederation Nezavisnost in Serbia, and the food and agricultural workers' union of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PPDiV).


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