bosnia report
No. 12 September - December 1995
Bosnian Leaders Write to the British Press

Serb Civic Council
State Presidencey of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Omladinska 2
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


We of the Serb Civic Council represent the Serbs of the territories controlled by the legal authority of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We are convinced that we express the interests of the majority of the Serb population, both within Bosnia-Herzegovina and refugees abroad. We are members of different political parties, but many of us hold positions in the Bosnian government. We come from different parts of Bosnia, including Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica. We are convinced that at this critical moment it is essential to point out that Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic cannot be given the right to represent the Bosnian Serb point of view.

It is as much in the interests of Serbs as anyone else to maintain a unified, sovereign Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina within its recognised international borders. We are fully committed to pluralist democracy and the equality of all peoples and citizens. We are particularly opposed to any division of Bosnia and above all one based on ethnic principles. We request that the Serb Civic Council be included as represenative of the Bosnian Serb community in the peace negotiations.

Signed by:

Mirko Pejanovic (member of the State Presidency oÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ̸f Bosnia-Herzegovina and president of the Serb Civic Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Tatjana Ljujic-Mijatovic (member of the State Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina and BH's ambassador to the UN in Geneva)
Zarko Bulic (President of the BH Bar Association and vice-president of the CCCBH)
Gen. Jovan Divjak (Deputy Chief of Staff, Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Mico Rakic (former Ambassador of Yugoslavia to the United States)
Vojka Djikic, Milojka Hadziabdic, Mirjana Hadzikaric, Nenad Jovanovic, Dragoljub Stojanov and Marko Vesovic

Published in The Guardian and The Independent, London, 12 September 1995.


Croat People's Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Pantovcak 96
Zagreb. Croatia


Following the letter published in your pages earlier this week from members of the Serb Civic Council, we three members of the Croat People's Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina, visiting London together with them, would like to inform your readers that we view what was 'achieved' in general on 9 September 1995 with bitter indignation.

The 'Accord on Principles for Bosnia-Herzegovina', which was agreed between the foreign ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and the so-called Yugoslavia, in a politically scandalous and morally unacceptbale manner rewards the aggression by Belgrade and Pale against our country, and accepts the results of the expulsions, ethnic cleansing, crimes and genocide inflicted upon our peoples. For it accepts a partition of our country confirming the 'entity' created by such means - the 'Republica Srpska' - and grants the right to develop 'parallel special relations with neighbouring countries.'

We once more warn, as we have frequently done in the past, of the invalidity of all such ethnic-territorial divisions of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Based upon the recognition of force and crimes, such 'solutions' inevitably lead in the direction of new cycles of chaos, blood, violence and war, and the definitive disappearance of the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Signed by:

Stepan Kljuic (Member of the State Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, leader of Republican Party, vice-president of the Croat People's Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina) Ivo Komsic (Member of the State Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, leader of Croat Peasant Party, present of CPCBH), Ivan Lovrenovic (CPCBH's official spokesman)

Published in The Guardian, 19 September 1995.


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