bosnia report
New Series No. 9/10 April - July 1999
Bombs and flowers
by Nenad Canak

' What is occurring with the NATO strikes is, unfortunately, what we knew more than ten years ago had to come, for the simple reason that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. It is terrible for me to say, but I must say, that the bridges of Novi Sad were in effect destroyed by the units of the Novi Sad Corps back in 1991; it is merely that the boomerang that was then hurled at Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia has now turned back also against the people in whose name many crimes were committed, even if they did not agree with or sup port them.

What is more, these bombs now falling on Belgrade, dropped by some bomber or launched from some submarine, took flight in reality from the hands of those who threw flowers at the tanks returning in 1991 from the ruins of Vukovar. This, unfortunately, is our own kind of Balkan dialectic, for everything must be paid for in the end and no one will be spared from all this. All this is terrible, but it is as it is.

The political situation is just what we expected, strong homogenization, even daily concerts on the town squares where people demonstrate and curse the ruling powers of our planet, meaning NATO, and at the same time the nights bring de spair and fear. All this is a terrible phantasmagoria in which it is hard even to speak. '

Nenad Canak is president of the League of Social-Democrats of Vojvodina


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