bosnia report
New Series No. 15/16 March - June 2000
Financing the anti-Bosnian HVO
by Ivo Banac

A fortnight ago Miroslav Prce, so-called defence minister of the B-H Federation, collected from a land where despair and poverty induce infanticide the tidy little sum of 300 million kuna ($40 million) for the needs of a foreign and entirely unnecessary army . . . the Americans and our cooperative Sabor have given their blessing to this common banditry, which compels Croatian taxpayers to maintain an anti-Bosnian (hence also anti-Croatian) fifth column. . . . Prce made use of his official visit (to Croatia) to lecture Stjepan MesiÃ’, who has spoken out against financing the so-called HVO.

Feral Tribune (Split), 20 May 2000


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