bosnia report
New Series No. 15/16 March - June 2000
Return to Europe!

`Serbia must emerge from its isolation, because it does not serve Serbia as a state nor the citizens of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Serbia must also strive towards closer ties to Europe, because that is something that has to happen. No form of isolationism can survive in Europe.

Europe is heading towards unity right up to the shores of the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. In this coming century Europe can survive only if it is united. And that means that there can be no islands in Europe. Europe will be a continent of regions, where borders will bring people and states together, not separate them. Decisions will be reached by consensus, so far as finances and economics are concerned. Therefore, a war over borders is a retroĆ¼war. It will make no difference to a Serb whether he is from one side of a border or the other, once he has embraced European criteria and European standards. That also applies to Croats, Frenchmen and Italians - to all.'

From an exclusive interview given by newly elected Croatian president Stipe Mesic to Studio B TV-Belgrade, 22 February 2000


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