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New Series No:43-44 January - April 2005
Chronology of events: December 2004 - March 2005

2 December 2004

The NATO-based SFOR hands over its security duties in B-H to the purely European Union force EUFOR, commanded initially by General David Leakey

3 December 2004

Dragomir Milošević, indicted in 1998 for crimes against humanity in shelling Sarajevo and its civilian population, chief of staff and later commander of the RS army’s Romanija Corps, gives himself up in Belgrade and is transferred to The Hague

6 December 2004

Serbian president Boris Tadić confirms to Banja Luka daily Nezavisne novine that Ratko Mladić is still receiving his Serbian army pension

9 December 2004

Key Serbian intelligence chiefs under Slobodan Milošević, Jovica Stanišić and Franko Simatović, indicted on serious war-crime charges, are released by the Hague tribunal pending the start of their trial, despite strong protests by Serbian human-rights groups anticipating witness intimidation

16 December 2004

International Court of Justice decides unanimously not to allow Serbia-Montenegro to pursue charges against eight NATO member countries for the bombing of Serbian targets in 1999

High Representative Paddy Ashdown dismisses six police and three other officials from RS for failing to arrest war criminals and obstructing their pursuit

US freezes assets of SDS, two Karadžić-linked companies and six Hague indictees

17 December 2004

RS premier Dragan Mikerević resigns after the new sanctions against police and other officials

Twenty-five-year sentence on Dario Kordić is confirmed on appeal

20 December 2004

B-H foreign minister Mladen Ivanić follows RS premier and party colleague Mikerević in resigning to protest international pressure on RS

22 December 2004

Serbian parliament passes law granting pensions to World War Two Chetniks

31 December 2004

ICTY Prosecutor winds up the issuing of new indictments

10 January 2005

Pero Bukejlović of SDS is named RS premier

12 January 2005

EUFOR commander Leakey asserts that Karadžić, Mladić and Croatian general Ante Gotovina are not in B-H, although Mladić did spend summer of 2004 in Han Pijesak, eastern Bosnia

14 January 2005

US imposes limited sanctions on Serbia for non-cooperation with Hague tribunal

21 January 2005

Former RS brigade commander Vidoje Blagojević is sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment for complicity in genocide in relation to the Srebrenica massacre

31 January 2005

Trial begins before the Hague tribunal of former Bosnian army commander Sefer Halilović, accused of command responsibility for the murder in 1993 of 61 Bosnian Croat civilians in the villages of Grabovica and Uzdol

1 February 2005

High Representative Ashdown, ignoring RS objections, presents detailed plan for unified B-H police force, to be divided into nine regions ignoring entity boundaries plus a special force for Sarajevo

B-H, Croatian and Serbian governments are reported by UNHCR in Sarajevo to have given a joint pledge to settle remaining 300,000 refugees in region by 2006

World Bank and B-H government announce $12 million project to generate new employment

2 February 2005

Croatian president Stipe Mesić and premier Ivo Sanader issue belated joint order to the country’s security services to do everything to achieve the arrest of fugitive Hague indictee Gotovina

3 February 2005

Serbian general Vladimir Lazarević arrives in The Hague more than a year after his indictment for war crimes in Kosova, having surrendered voluntarily after a widely publicized meeting with premier Vojislav Koštunica and Orthodox patriarch Pavle and a formal send-off organized by the mayor of Niš

9 February 2005

National Museum reopens in Sarajevo, but its long-term funding problems have not been solved

Hague Prosecutor recommends that trial of JNA officers accused over massacre in the wake of the fall of Vukovar in 1991 should take place in Croatia or in Serbia, asking Tribunal to choose

10 February 2005

Ashdown says that international community should hand over entirely to B-H domestic authorities some time between his own departure in November 2005 and general elections to be held in the following year

14 February 2005

Serbian president Boris Tadić visits Kosova with UN permission, meeting only local Serbs

23 February 2005

Hague tribunal indicts former B-H army commander Rasim Delić for command responsibility in war crimes, he surrenders voluntarily to the court

Montenegro presents Serbia with a proposal for an agreed end to the state union of the two countries

9 March 2005

War Crimes Chamber of the Court of B-H is inaugurated

17 March 2005

EU cancels the scheduled beginning of negotiations with Croatia over future membership, citing lack of cooperation with the Hague tribunal in relation to fugitive general Gotovina, indicted for command responsibility in war crimes committed during and after the 1995 Operation Storm

23 March 2005

Former RS army general Vinko Pandurević, indicted for complicity in genocide in connection with the Srebrenica massacre, gives himself up in Belgrade and is transferred to The Hague

30 March 2005

Ljubomir Borovčanin, indicted for complicity in genocide for his role in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, surrenders to the Hague tribunal



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