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New Series No: 47-48 September - November 2005


Chris Agee (ed.), Scar on the Stone: contemporary poetry from Bosnia, £8

Gojko Berić, Letters to the Celestial Serbs, £14.99

Norman Cigar, Vojislav Koštunica and Serbia’s Future, £10

Tim Clancy, Bosnia & Herzegovina: the Bradt travel guide, £13.99

Tom Gallagher, Outcast Europe volume one The Balkans 1789-1989: from the Ottomans to Milošević (paperback) £19.99; volume two The Balkans after the Cold War: from tyranny to tragedy (paperback) £19.99; volume three The Balkans in the New Millennium: in the shadow of war and peace (hardback) £65.00

James Gow, The Serbian Project and its Adversaries, £16.50

Robin Harris, Dubrovnik, a history (hardback, illustrated), £25

Adrian Hastings, Gradnja nacionaliteta, £10

Marko Attila Hoare, How Bosnia Armed, £10

Quintin Hoare and Noel Malcolm (ed.), Books on Bosnia: a critical bibliography of works relating to Bosnia-Herzegovina published since 1990 in West European languages, £10

Steve Horn, Pictures Without Borders - Bosnia revisited (hardback, large format, illustrated), £15

Božidar Jezernik, Wild Europe: the Balkans in the gaze of Western travellers (illustrated), £14.99

Markus Koller and Kemal H. Karpat (ed.), Ottoman Bosnia - a history in peril, £12.50

Adam LeBor, Milošević, a biography (hardback), £20

Ivan Lovrenović, Bosnia - a Cultural History (hardback, illustrated), £19.95

Paul Lowe, Bosnians/Bosanci, (hardback, large format, illustrated) £18.99

Branka Magaš (ed.), Question of Survival: a common educational system for Bosnia-Herzegovina/Pitanje opstanka: zajednički obrazovni sustav za Bosnu i Hercegovinu, £5 each

Branka Magaš and Ivo Žanić (ed.), The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995, £14.50/ Rat u Hrvatskoj i Bosni i Hercegovini 1991-1995, £10

Nermin Mulalić and Saba Risaluddin, From Daytonland to Bosnia Rediviva, £5

Colum Murphy, ‘Aza Beast’: a Bosnian war journal (hardback), £10

Mirko Pejanović, Through Bosnian Eyes: the political memoirs of a Bosnian Serb, £10

Aleksander Aco Ravlić, Banjalučka Ferhadija: ljepotica koju su ubili, (hardback, large format, illustrated)£25

David Rohde, A Safe Area - Srebrenica: Europe’s worst massacre since the Second World War, £5

Daoud Sarhandi and Alina Boboc, Evil Doesn’t Live Here: posters from the Bosnian war (large format, illustrated), £17.95

Stephen Schwartz, Sarajevo Rose - a Balkan Jewish notebook (hardback, illustrated), £16.99

Brendan Simms, Najsramniji trenutak: Britanija I uništavange Bosne, £10

Emir Suljagić, Postcards from the Grave, £12.99

Mladen Vuksanović, From Enemy Territory - Pale diary 5 April to 15 July 1992, £9.99

Isabelle Wesselingh and Arnaud Vaulerin, Raw Memory - Prijedor, laboratory of ethnic cleansing, £15

Paul Williams and Norman Cigar, Indictment at The Hague: the Milošević regime and crimes of the Balkan wars (hardback), £15


Srebrenica: triumph of evil, £10

Fugitives/Begunci, £10

To order any of these titles, send a cheque or money order made out to The Bosnian Institute, adding p.& p. per item (DVDs postage free): UK £1, Europe £2, USA £3 (with foreign currency payments, allow $2 or Euro 1.50 to the £1), to The Bosnian Institute, 14/16 St Mark’s Road, London W11 1RQ


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