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New Series No: 21/22 January - May 2001
Friend or foe? - Vojislav Kostunica
by VK replying to a question from Canada

' In a nutshell, the position of the Democratic Party of Serbia on Republika Srpska can be expressed as follows. Viewing the Dayton Agreement as something imposed by force rather than a matter of justice and rights, DSS considers that everything must be done so that Republika Srpska (that state within a foreign state, i.e. within Bosnia-Herzegovina) is as separate as possible, becomes maximally autonomous and emphasizes maximally its attributes of statehood - and, of course, so that the closest possible relations are established between Republika Srpska and Serbia.

Naturally, as a small nation and in the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we cannot do what the Germans, for example, did in the Federal Republic of Germany after World War II, when in their 1949 constitution they proclaimed the unification of West and East Germany as their national goal. We cannot do this, although we must yearn and aspire with all means to achieve the goal of uniting the Serbs on both sides of the Drina, the two Serb states, which is our national goal. In a certain sense - in many ways - this is in contradiction with our national policy and our national goals before World War I, when although Bosnia and Serbia were two different, separate entities divided by a state frontier, they were seen as closely linked. Jovan Ducic rightly wrote that Serbia and Bosnia were indivisible even in that period before 1914, when Bosnia was in a different state. We must follow that kind of policy today as well, in the changed, different international circumstances. This policy of closest possible relations between Republika Srpska and FRY is the policy of our party. It is very different, of course, from the dominant policy in Serbia, from the policy of certain opposition parties who precisely advocate the integration of Republika Srpska into Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our policy is one of separating off Republika Srpska and bringing it closer to and uniting it with Serbia. We cannot and must not abandon this policy.'

Vojislav Kostunica, answering a question from Goran Gavric in Canada, 10 December 1996



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