bosnia report
New Series No: 23/24/25 June - October 2001
On RS today
by ICG

The Wages of Sin: confronting Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

‘Almost six years after the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement for Bosnia-Herzegovina, and following the disbursement of hundreds of millions of international community dollars, half of the country - the Republika Srpska (RS) - remains unreformed and true to its wartime self, preventing Bosnia's development as a functioning democratic state. This report argues that time is running out for the international community to change tactics towards RS. Interested governments, international organisations, financial institutions and, above all, the Office of the High Representative must make a determined and concerted effort to impose strict political conditionality on all financial assistance to the RS. Potential sanctions must be as hurtful as the benefits are attractive, and there must be no doubt that either will be delivered. Unless the RS authorities are made to fulfil specific demands in return for each and every grant or loan, the international community will have been on a fool's errand in Bosnia.’

ICG Balkans Report 118, October 2001


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