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New Series No: 23/24/25 June - October 2001
Bosnian Institute Library: Announcement and Appeal






The Bosnian Institute Library

official opening

Wednesday, 17 October 2001

by Osman Topcagic

Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the UK.


The library has a growing specialist collection of books in Bosnian and English (with a small number in other languages) on Bosnia-Herzegovina and its region. It also holds newspaper clippings from the British press covering the years from 1990 to 1996, and subscribes to a range of weekly and monthly periodicals from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia (with back issues going back in some cases well before the recent war) . The collection is available for individual research on site during working hours, by prior arrangement.



We should like to appeal to Friends of The Bosnian Institute and others to contact us if they have any materials (in any language) falling within the Library’s scope, which they may be prepared to part with. We should be particularly grateful for pamphlets, journals and other hard-to-find publications of an ephemeral nature. Also visual materials (video recordings, etc.), since in the next stage of the Library’s development we plan to expand also in this direction.


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