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New Series No: 23/24/25 June - October 2001
Declaration by Banja Luka religious leaders

From joint declaration issued by Banja Luka religious leaders, following the consultation on ‘Banja Luka: steps towards peace, prosperity and reconciliation’ organized by Soul of Europe in late September at Coventry, and attended among others by Alija Behmen (Federation premier), Mladen Ivanic (RS premier), Zlatko Lagumdzija (B-H premier) and Wolfgang Petritsch (High Representative)


‘Specifically, we insist that all the requisite permits be issued as soon as possible for the reconstruction of all destroyed religious buildings - of all faiths - on the territory of Banja Luka, Republika Srpska and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and for the construction of new buildings where necessary, and that all property confiscated from the religious communities be returned.’

Edhem Camdzic - Mufti of Banja Luka

Franjo Komarica - Catholic Bishop of Banja Luka

Jefrem Milutinovic - Orthodox Bishop of Banja Luka


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