bosnia report
New Series No: 23/24/25 June - October 2001
ADVERTISEMENT: Vojislav Kostunica and Serbia's future
by Norman Cigar

In this pioneering study of the political formation and general world view of Vojislav Koštunica, who in October 2000 succeeded Slobodan Miloševiƒ as president of FRY, Norman Cigar argues that Koštunica’s policies, through reliance on institutions like the Orthodox Church and the Army, seek to maintain a destructive ‘Greater Serbian’ perspective. Such policies are a bar to reconciliation with neighbouring states, hence to regional stability. They are also inimical to a more rational course of tackling within Serbia’s own borders the real problems of democratization and modernization that confront the country.

To be published (in paperback) on 6 December 2001, by Saqi Books in association with The Bosnian Institute. Available for £10 (UK postage free) from The Bosnian Institute, 14/16 St Mark’s Road, London W11 1RQ.

Kostunica and Serbia's Future


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