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New Series No: 27-28 January - May 2002
Seven hundred thousand fewer citizens in B-H
by Feral Tribune

Bosnia-Herzegovina currently has 700,000 people fewer than it did before the war, according to the International Forum Bosnia! Official census results should confirm that out of 3,363,796 residents of the country, 1.7 million are Bosniaks,1.1 million Serbs and 0.5 million Croats. All three Bosnian peoples have thus experienced an absolute fall in numbers, while the ratio between them has also changed, so that now there are 50.5 % Bosniaks in BH, 33.6% Serbs and 15.2 Croats, leaving only 0.7 % for ‘others’.

The least number of refugees has, predictably, returned to Republika Srpska - 27,260 of them; 346,140 have returned to areas of the Federation predominately populated by Bosniaks, while 51,580 have returned to areas mainly populated by Croats.

Croatia still does not have similar estimates. Yet it seems as though the results of the census were directly the cause of Ivo Rusan’s departure as director of the State Bureau for Statistics. According to some reports, he refused to modify figures showing that Croats make up 97% of Croatia’s population today, while members of other ‘nations and nationalities’ make up the remaining 3 %, when once they made up a good 15 % of the country’s population.

This report appeared in Feral Tribune (Split), 27 October 2001


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