bosnia report
New Series No: 29-31 June - November 2002
Concerning Mladen Ivanic
by Dani

It took the present government of Republika Srpska a year and a half  in power before acknowledging that it does after all contain ministers from the Serb Democratic Party (SDS).   Ever since the time he falsely asserted to US ambassador Thomas Miller that there were no ministers from Karadzic’s party in the government for which he sought and eventually obtained international support, Mladen Ivanic has stubbornly denied what has been blindingly obvious from Mladen Ivanic photohis government’s policy.   But it needed the disclosure of the embezzlement scandal in the RS Customs Service [see Chronology of Events - 14 June] for Ivanic to admit weakly that he could do nothing about replacing the director of Customs, since the latter was backed by his ministers from the SDS.   Ivanic’s admission is the culminating episode of the farce that the international community has been acting out for years in RS: it saw fit to close its eyes first to the nationalism and responsibility for war crimes of Biljana Plavsic, then to criminality and corruption under Dodik, until at last the ‘cooperative, moderate’ Ivanic came along, only for it to turn out that, when all is said and done, the one thing that never changes in B-H’s smaller entity is the SDS and its epigones and trojan horses.

Comment translated from Dani (Sarajevo), 21 June 2002



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