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New Series No: 29-31 June - November 2002
Zarana Papic

Zarana Papic photo Medium

Zarana Papic was born in Sarajevo in 1950, but at the age of six moved with her family to Belgrade, where she lived until her tragically premature death this summer. A pioneer of the feminist movement in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, she taught sociology in the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Belgrade, where she gained her doctorate in anthropology and gender studies. The author of two books: Sociology and Feminism (1989) and Gender and Culture (1997), she also co-edited with Lydia Sklevicky an influential collection entitled The Anthropology of Women (1983) and in 1992 was a founder of the Centre for Women’s Studies in Belgrade. Zarana was an outspoken opponent of the Milosevic regime and its wars of aggression in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, becoming a dedicated supporter of Serbia’s courageous Women in Black movement. In July 2000 she visited Britain as a guest of The Bosnian Institute, speaking at our Forum that month on the current situation in Serbia, under the title ‘A social experiment in losing the future’; and in Bosnia Report new series no. 17/18 (July-September 2000) we translated an important interview with her, entitled ‘The forging of schizophrenia’. An inspirational figure for a wide range of friends in many countries, Zarana Papic was a warm, vital woman who will be sadly missed by all who knew her.


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