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New Series No:32-34 December - July 2003
The views of a new Serbian Orthodox saint
by Slobodan Kostic

Nikolaj Velimirović

Born (according to the old calendar) 23 December1880 at Lelić near Valjevo, Serbia; died 18 March 1956 in emigration in the United States. The spiritual guru of Ljotić’s [fascist] movement. Proclaimed a war criminal by the Yugoslav government after World War II. Proclaimed the 77th Serb saint by the assembly of bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in May 2003.


‘University Europe has chipped away at its God and broken him into an infinity of atoms, protons and electrons which do not suffice even to clean man’s feet. Are you with Europe or with your people? If you say you are with Europe, then you should immediately seek a cure, in order not to infect the people.’

‘European nations live under God’s curse, because they are no longer nations - they have become badgers ... two-legged monkeys... beasts not men... European intellectualized man has made a pact with the Devil ... Europe is a heresy... You, Serbia, why follow Europe? You have never trodden its path and never followed it. Back to your own place, if you wish to be saved and to live..’.

‘Culture is the zero below one’... ‘The Jews and their father the Devil have succeeded, with their gradual poisoning of the spirit and heart of European humanity, in deflecting the latter from true faith and persuading it to worship the idol of culture... smoke, dust, mud, sludge ... an imbecile nothing.’

‘European inventions’ [among which Velimirović lists the telescope, the microscope, railways, the steam engine, submarines, aircraft] ‘have led humanity to the brink of destruction, to spiritual darkness and into a dark decay unknown in the history of humanity. This is because Europe has directed all its inventions against Christ, whether in line with its own heresy or persuaded by the Jews we do not know.’

‘Pursuit of cleanliness has turned into a mania for cleanliness. Unfortunately, here too the Yid [Čivutin] is involved ... Plumbing, plumbing, plumbing! Baths, baths, baths! Cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness! And everyone tired out with washing and cleaning themselves externally.’

‘All modern European principles have been made by the Jews, who nailed Christ to the cross: democracy, strikes, socialism, atheism, religious tolerance, pacifism and universal revolution. These are the inventions of the Jews, or their father the Devil. All this with the sole aim of humiliating Christ and placing on Christ’s throne their Jewish messiah, unaware to this day that he is Satan himself, who is their father and who has bridled them with his bridle and whips them with his whip ... It is surprising that the Europeans, who are a Christian people, have surrendered themselves completely to the Jews and now think with a Jewish head, accept Jewish programmes, adopt Jewish hatred of Christ, take Jewish lies as truth, endorse Jewish principles as their own, tread the Jewish path and serve Jewish aims ... The most important thing is that Christian Europe has become a servant of the Jews, has rejected the Father of light and recognized the Devil as its father in thought and deed...’.


These extracts have been translated from an article by Slobodan Kostić in Vreme (Belgrade), 29 May 2003


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