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New Series No: 35 August - September 2003
Chronology of events: June - August 2003

22 June 2003

Pope John Paul II celebrates open-air mass near Banja Luka.

3 July 2003

Leaked details of OHR proposals for new customs law dismay pro-Bosnian democratic forces; B-H finance minister Dragan Vrankić criticises them as concession to RS separatism, creating in effect two customs systems for the two entities.

4 July 2003

Serbian government refuses to extend visa for ICG local director James Lyon, but backs down two days later under intense pressure from EU officials and Western ambassadors.

11 July 2003

Belgrade launches investigation into the 1997 sale of majority share in Telekom Serbia to Telekom Italy for nearly 500 million US dollars.

Around 20,000 mostly Bosniak mourners gather in Srebrenica to mark eighth anniversary of 1995 massacre in which more than 7,000 men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb forces.

UN Security Council announces it is to extend NATO-led SFOR’s role in Bosnia-Herzegovina for further 12 months.

13 July 2003

Former US envoy Richard Holbrooke tells Koha Ditore newspaper in Prishtina that lasting peace will only be achieved through Kosova's independence from Serbia.

17 July 2003

Genuine reform in Serbia is being hampered by obstruction from within the army, police and security services, according to new International Crisis Group report.

Bosnian Serb authorities promise money to war crimes suspects surrendering to the Hague tribunal.

18 July 2003

Former chief-of-staff of FRY army Nebojša Pavković, arrested for alleged involvement in an attempted political assassination in 2000, is released from police custody on medical grounds.

7 August 2003

Slobodan Milošević refuses to speak to Belgrade investigators about murder of his one-time political rival Ivan Stambolić.

8 August 2003

Serbia-Montenegro's Supreme Defence Council sacks 16 high-ranking military officers, many linked to former regime of Slobodan Milošević

12 August 2003

PDP leader Mladen Ivanić welcomes OHR’s draft proposals for a new tax and VAT system as favourable to RS.

13 August 2003

SFOR fails to arrest Ratko Mladić during raid on his mother's house near Sarajevo.

Officials in Belgrade close investigation into 12 March assassination of Serbian premier Zoran Đinđić; prosecutors charge 44 people in connection with the crime.

14 August 2003

NATO-led peacekeepers in southern Bosnia suspend all military exercises with live ammunition after being blamed for causing a blaze near Mostar.

15 August 2003

War crimes suspect Mitar Rasević surrenders to Serbian authorities, then is extradited to Hague tribunal, where he is accused of the enslavement, torture and murder of prisoners at Foča..

22 August 2003

Keystone lowered into place on reconstructed Old Bridge at Mostar, destroyed by HV and HVO forces in November 1993, due to reopen to public in early 2004.

23 August 2003

Bosnian police arrest two men in Sarajevo on suspicion of involvement in 1993 killings of 33 Croats.

27 August 2003

Serbia's parliament declares Kosova an integral part of Serbia, triggering angry reactions from ethnic Albanians in the UN protectorate.

28 August 2003

Forensic experts exhume 270 bodies from Bosnia's largest mass grave on Crni Vrh hill, near Serbian border at Zvornik.


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