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New Series No: 35 August - September 2003
After Senad Pecanin, it is the turn of ....
by Zvonimir Jukic





Having dealt with the pro-European Croats and Serbs of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the primitive media witch-hunt is now targeting pro-European Bosniaks. After Senad Avdić, the editor of Slobodna Bosna, who was brutally attacked by these fascistic madmen, it was the turn of Senad Pećanin, the leading light of the weekly B-H Dani. Pećanin's sole sin, like that of Jovan Divjak, Ivan Lovrenović, Marko Vesović and Senad Avdić, is his rejection of the nationalists' conception of Bosnian society, and of their propensity towards the creation of political mafia areas ruled by fear, crime and national discrimination. In their showdown with Pećanin they used, as they had done earlier with the others, the well-known 'Stop thief!' method, whereby those who protest against crime are in fact themselves criminal while those who are the victims of violence are in reality potential killers and agents provocateurs who have got what they asked for. This story we used to watch played out as a bloody soap on Pale TV under the direction of Risto Đogo, Karadžić's favourite journalist. The twilight of liberal thought in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the escalation - alongside Serb and Croat - of Bosniak radicalism, are fully displayed in the media tirade against some of the most respected personalities in the country. Thus Pećanin, who during the 'ten hardest years' was next to Senad Avdić the most prominent advocate of Western-type journalism and promoter of the social climate that a normal Bosnia-Herzegovina needs, has acquired overnight the prestigious title of ‘traitor to the Bosniak idea’ and ‘Chetnik’.

This situation, linked to growing Bosniak nationalism, reminds one of the period when Jelavić's HDZ used to denounce traitors to the Croat people. Each day a new traitor would be discovered, and it went on like this until there were more traitors than their accusers. We can only wonder who is next on the list, and whether our public life has indeed sunk so low that anyone who dares speak out against injustice and crime is bound to become the target of this kind of primitive attack, closely linked to those who not long ago acted as ethnic cleansers and organizers of mass executions and concentration camps for thousands of innocent citizens of this country.

Translated from Dani (Sarajevo), 15 August 2003, where it was reprinted from Dnevni list (Sarajevo), 13 August 2003.


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