Banja Luka's Heritage of Diversity/War on Memory: Past and Future of Heritage in B-H and Kosova

Monday, 01 October, 2001: Bishop Franjo Komarica/Andras Riedlmayer
A packed meeting listened to an inspiring talk by Bishop Komarica on the conditions for reconciliation in B-H, after which it was presented with a magisterial expose (with slides) by Andras Riedlmayer of the aims of cultural destruction in B-H and in Kosova. Bishop Komarica remained in Banja Luka throughout the war, defending with courage and eloquence the ideal of a tolerant, multi-national and multi-confessional society. AndrĂ¡s Riedlmayer, bibliographer in Islamic Art and Architecture at the Fine Arts Library, Harvard University, has been active since 1991 in documenting the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage in south-east Europe and in efforts to recover and reconstruct some of what has been lost.
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