The Hague, Historical Truth and Justice

Monday, 07 July, 2003: Emir Suljagic
Emir Suljagic, himself a survivor of the Srebrenica massacre, now reports regularly from ICTY at The Hague for IWPR's Tribunal Update and for the weekly Dani (Sarajevo). At a very well attended forum marking the eighth anniversary of the massacre, he discussed the extent to which the Hague tribunal can establish historical truth, and deliver justice in the eyes of the victims. His talk was followed by a first UK screening of 'Trijumf zla/The Triumph of Evil', a documentary film telling the story of Srebrenica through the trial of General Radoslav Krstic, sentenced in 2001 to forty-six years for genocide. The screenplay was written by Mirko Klarin for SENSE Production (with the support of OSI and the German government).
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