Fighting for the Right of Return

Monday, 01 November, 2004: Fikret Cuskic
General Cuskic led the Bosnian Army’s 17th Brigade (made up of displaced people from north-west Bosnia) through Operation Vlasic and the 1995 counter-offensive, both key events in the final phase of the 1992-95 war. After the war, he succeeded General Dudakovic as commander of the 5th Corps. Subsequently, until his retirement last month, General Cuskic served as deputy minister (responsible for personnel)at the Defence Ministry of the B-H Federation. Since retiring, he has continued to assist returnee communities in north-west Bosnia. Addressing a well attended forum with many people from north-west Bosnia in the audience, General Cuskic gave an inspiring account of the
formation and experience of the 17th Brigade, stressing the connection between military morale and the motivation provided by the desire to return.
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