Monday, 05 December, 2005: Ademir Kenovic (director)
An enthusiastic audience of about sixty attended a DVD projection of Kenovic's first feature film Kuduz(1989)-(English sub-titles). Kenovic is one of the leading B-H film-makers, a co-founder in 1990 of SaGA. He recently took part in the ‘Bosnian Cinema: War and Peace’ festival organized by The Bosnian Institute at Riverside Studios. Kuduz, his first feature film, was completed shortly before the war in 1989. Nominated for a Felix award of the European Academy of Film for best film, best leading actress and best music, it won a special jury award and was subsequently shown at numerous festivals. As with his later Perfect Circle (the first postwar Bosnian feature film, shown at a BI Forum in 1998), Kuduz was co-scripted by Abdulah Sidran. It is a tragic love story based on the true life of Junuz Keco, ‘the last Bosnian outlaw’, who was in prison at the same time as Alija Izetbegovic and reportedly later served in the B-H Army.
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