The challenges facing Serbia

Monday, 06 February, 2006: Cedomir Jovanovic
Cedomir Jovanovic is president of the recently formed Liberal Democratic Party in Serbia. He came to the fore as a student leader in 1996/7, joined Zoran Ðindic’s Democratic Party (DS) in 1998 (becoming its vice-president in 2001), and was elected to parliament on the DOS (Democratic Opposition) coalition list in 2000. In March 2003, following premier Ðindic’s assassination, Jovanovic became deputy prime minister, but subsequently moved into increasingly open opposition to the new DS leader Boris Tadic, criticizing his political collaboration as president with premier Vojislav Koštunica. After leaving DS in December 2004, Jovanovic began to mark himself out among Serbian politicians by openly favouring a negotiated independence for Kosovo, calling for a positive attitude to Bosnian integration, and adopting a highly critical stance towards his country’s clerical establishment. On 6 February he introduced a very lively and well attended BI forum.
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