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  • Gori vatra (English subtitles)
    Monday, 02 February, 2004: directed by Pjer Žalica
    VHS projection of the award-winning Bosnian feature film Gori vatra [Fuse](English subtitles)

  • Peacekeeping in the Balkans: lessons learned and future prospects
    Monday, 05 January, 2004: Louis Sell
    After serving as a US diplomat in Zagreb 1974-6 and Belgrade 1987-91, Louis Sell was political deputy to Carl Bildt, first High Representative in B-H 1995-96. In 2000 he became ICG director for Kosova, and has recently helped to establish the American University in Prishtina.

  • Montenegro: today, tomorrow - and relations with Serbia
    Monday, 03 November, 2003: Nebojša Cagorovic, with the participation of Sonja Biserko
    Nebojša Cagorovicis a political analyst from Podgorica, who has written on a wide range of contemporary issues, while carrying out academic work on the Serbian and Montenegrin Orthodox Churches. Sonja Biserko is president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

  • Prijedor - the sequel to genocide
    Monday, 06 October, 2003: Isabelle Wesselingh and Arnaud Vaulerin
    On 6 October 2003 one of our most successful forums to date was devoted to the war and its aftermath in western Bosnia. Arnaud Vaulerin and Isabelle Wesselingh, authors of a new book on the war in western Bosnia and its aftermath (Bosnie: la mémoire à vif, with a preface by Elie Wiesel and a foreword by BI Consultant Paul Garde), introduced a discussion on ‘Prijedor - after the genocide’ by reconstructing the events of 1992 on the basis of survivors’ testimony (including at The Hague), and by an informed analysis of the situation in the town today, the problems encountered by returnees, and the responsibilities of the international community

  • Stabilizing South-east Europe?
    Monday, 01 September, 2003: Tom Gallagher
    Tom Gallagher holds the chair of Ethnic Conflict and Peace at Bradford University. He is the author of an ambitious trilogy of works: 'Outcast Europe: The Balkans 1789-1989 - from the Ottomans to Milosevic' (2001), 'The Balkans after the Cold War - from Tyranny to Tragedy' (2003, and The Balkans in the New Millennium (forthcoming).

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