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  • The Hague, Historical Truth and Justice
    Monday, 07 July, 2003: Emir Suljagic
    Emir Suljagic, himself a survivor of the Srebrenica massacre, now reports regularly from ICTY at The Hague for IWPR's Tribunal Update and for the weekly Dani (Sarajevo). He discussed the extent to which the Hague tribunal can establish historical truth, and deliver justice in the eyes of the victims. His talk was followed by a first UK screening of 'Trijumf zla/The Triumph of Evil'.

  • Kosova Today and Tomorrow
    Monday, 02 June, 2003: Skender Hyseni
    Skender Hyseni is Principal Political Advisor to the President of Kosova, Dr Ibrahim Rugova. At a particularly well attended forum - preceded by a successful launch party for 'Ethnic Minorities in the Balkan States', an important six-volume research source edited by Beitulla Destani and published by Archive Editions - Skender Hysenti spoke about Kosova today and tomorrow, stressing that independent status alone could put the territory and its population securely on the road to democracy and economic development.

  • Are there independent media in Serbia?
    Monday, 12 May, 2003: Petar Lukovic
    A large and diverse audience listened to Petar Lukovic, perhaps Serbia's best known satirical journalist, discuss the independent media situation in Serbia.

  • Bosnia and the Nation
    Monday, 07 April, 2003: Zlatko Hadžidedic
    Zlatko Hadžidedic worked as a foreign-policy analyst for the B-H ministry of foreign affairs, and his published writing ranges from poetry and drama to political commentaries and a work on international relations.

  • Why outside military intervention was needed in Bosnia
    Monday, 03 March, 2003: Colum Murphy
    Dr Murphy was UN deputy head of political affairs during his first appointment in Bosnia (1993-5), then returned as spokesman and special advisor to the High Representative (under Carl Bildt) in 1995-6.

  • Framing genocide and intervention: the Bosnian War and British media
    Monday, 03 February, 2003: Gregory Kent
    Dr Kent, who teaches international relations at the University of Sussex, reported for UK national newspapers, including The Guardian and The European, before and during the war. His doctoral thesis on the mediation of the crisis is due to be published this spring. He has been a long-standing Friend of The Bosnian Institute.

  • Inside the Mind of Milosevic
    Monday, 06 January, 2003: Adam LeBor
    Author of an acclaimed new biography of Slobodan Milosevic, veteran Balkan reporter Adam LeBor promoted his book at the same time as introducing a discussion on the nature of the man now on trial for genocide and crimes against humanity at The Hague.

  • Bread and news - the fight to keep Sarajevo's wartime press alive
    Monday, 02 December, 2002: Gordana Knezevic
    Deputy editor of Sarajevo's daily Oslobodjenje throughout the darkest days of the siege, Gordana Knezevic spoke about the role of the press in wartime Sarajevo, and helped to launch 'Letters to the Celestial Serbs' by longtime Oslobodjene commentator Gojko Beric, just published by Saqi Books in association with The Bosnian Institute.

  • The Balkan Myth
    Monday, 04 November, 2002: Bozidar Jezernik
    Bozidar Jezernik is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Ljubljana. His 'Wild Europe: the Balkans in the gaze of Western travellers' will be published in 2003 by Saqi Books (London) in association with The Bosnian Institute.

  • The Restoration and Preservation of Historic Monuments in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Monday, 07 October, 2002: Tina Wik
    Tina Wik, Bosnia Project Manager for Cultural Heritage without Borders and member of the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments established under Annex 8 of the Dayton Agreement, spoke about her work and the problems facing the restoration and preservation of historic monuments in Bosnia.

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