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  • Repercussions in Bosnia of 11 September
    Monday, 02 September, 2002: Sacir Filandra
    Dr Filandra,one of Bosnia's leading younger intellectuals, teaches at Sarajevo University's Faculty of Political Sciences. His challenging books, scholarly articles and journalism (he is a columnist for Dani, Sarajevo) engage with key issues regarding Bosnia's complex identity.

  • The Future of B-H - a Mostar Perspective
    Monday, 01 July, 2002: Colin Munro
    Following three years (1997-2000) as UK ambassador in Zagreb, Colin Munro served in 2001 as Deputy High Representative for B-H, based in Mostar. His experience of that divided city uniquely qualified him to provide an authoritative comment, at a well attended BI forum, on the ideas for B-H's reintegration recently outlined by newly appointed High Representative Paddy Ashdown.

  • 'We are all neighbours'
    Monday, 10 June, 2002: Tone Bringa
    Norwegian anthropologist Tone Bringa, author of 'Being Muslim the Bosnian Way' (1995), presented her acclaimed documentary film 'We are all neighbours', shot in a central Bosnian village in 1993, together with the new film she made on her recent return to the same village, 'Returning home'. There will also be a launch for 'Evil doesn't live here', the striking collection of posters from the Bosnian war edited by Daoud Sarhandi and Alina Boboc.

  • Political processes in Kosova
    Monday, 13 May, 2002: Nexhmedin Spahiu
    Dr Spahiu is editor-in-chief of Radio Television Mitrovica, Kosova and a former editor-in-chief of the leading national daily newspaper in neighbouring Albania. He introduced a vigorous discussion about the current situation in Kosova.

  • Implications for Bosnia-Herzegovina of the Genocide Indictments
    Monday, 08 April, 2002: Haris Silajdzic
    On the tenth anniversary of both Bosnia's independence and the start of the genocidal war of aggression against the newly independent country, an Institute Forum of exceptional importance was addressed by Haris Silajdzic, former B-H foreign minister, prime minister and leader of Stranka za BiH.

  • Reform and Stability: the agenda for 2002
    Monday, 04 March, 2002: James Lyon
    James Lyon, formerly the International Crisis Group's regional director for Bosnia-Herzegovina, now heads the equivalent ICG office in Belgrade. He is thus particularly well qualified to speak on the relationship between reform and stability in the ex-Yugoslav successor states.

  • Montenegro before the Referendum
    Monday, 04 February, 2002: Milka Tadic
    Milka Tadic, editor of the independent weekly 'Monitor' (Podgorica), opened a lively discussion on the Montenegrin situation.

  • Justice and the Hague Tribunal
    Monday, 07 January, 2002: Mirko Klarin
    Mirko Klarin is IWPR senior editor for the war crimes tribunal, and also editor-in-chief of SENSE news agency

  • Britain and Bosnia 1992-1995
    Monday, 03 December, 2001: Brendan Simms
    Brendan Simms, Institute trustee and author of "Unfinest Hour," led a fascinating discussion on British policy towards Bosnia 1992-1995.

  • The War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991-1995
    Monday, 05 November, 2001: Sven Alkalaj, Branka Magas and Noel Malcolm
    A panel discussion to mark the publication by Frank Cass & Co., in association with The Bosnian Institute, of the English-language version of this book. Sven Alcalay headed Bosnia's diplomatic mission in Washington from late 1993 until early 2000 and is now based at the Foreign Ministry in Sarajevo, in charge of B-H's economic diplomacy.

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