RS Authority cancels permits for construction of mosques in Bijeljina

Author: M.Z. - Dnevni Avaz (Sarajevo)
Uploaded: Tuesday, 09 October, 2001

News item from Sarajevo daily Dnevni Avaz about the failure of RS authorities to comply with decision of B-H Chamber of Human Rights in relation to the reconstruction of mosques in Bijeljina

The RS authority has ceased the procedure of issuing permits for the reconstruction of mosques in Bijeljina, the Vakuf's main office lawyer Esad Hrvacic has stated for Dnevni Avaz. ‘On 6 December last year, the Chamber for Human Rights ordered the RS to issue permission for reconstruction of five mosques within a deadline of three months,' said Hrvacic. He stressed that the Vakuf main office called on the RS Government and the OHR, on 1 June 2001, to implement the decision of the Chamber for Human Rights. ‘We have asked the OHR to perform its obligation according to the procedures of the Chamber, and to do what it did in relation to the issuing of permission for the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka. However, we are disappointed with the silence from the OHR,' said Hrvacic. At the location of the famous Atik mosque [in Bijeljina], destroyed in the war, construction of a theatre has been planned. Kiosks placed at the Krpic mosque location were removed only after intervention by the OHR, as was a market located at the site of the Salihbegovic mosque.

Dnevni Avaz (Sarajevo), 18 August 2001

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