Bosnian Presidency members hold reception on occasion of Bosnian National Day

Author: Bosnia News
Uploaded: Friday, 30 November, 2007

Report of a reception held in Sarajevo to mark the National Day of B-H, which takes place on 25 November each year to commemorate the 1943 meeting of ZAVNOBiH, but which is regularly boycotted by representatives of RS

Members of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdzic and Zeljko Komsic hosted a reception in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo to mark 25 November, Bosnia’s National Day. .Many prominent personalities attended from Bosnia’s public, religious, cultural and political life, as well as members of the diplomatic corps. Bosnian President Zeljko Komsic gave a short overview of 25 November 1943, a historic date for Bosnia.

On that day, in the midst of occupied Europe, in the Bosnian town of Mrkonjic Grad, representatives of all citizens of Bosnia assembled to take a political decision which marked a turning point in Bosnian history, laying the basis for a modern and democratic Bosnia. The State Anti-Fascist Council of People's Liberation of Bosnia (ZAVNOBiH) brought together antifascists from all over Bosnia, Komsic said.

President Komsic warned that today there are certain political forces in Bosnia which want to eliminate antifascism from Bosnian history and forget the ZAVNOBIH principles. In his opinion, to deny ZAVNOBiH and its principles - principles that enable the equality of all citizens of Bosnia throughout its territory - is to deny the existence of Bosnia as a state. It is also to deny the universal democratic principles which state that all people are equal, regardless of religious or political determination, he said.

Bosnian Presidency member Haris Silajdzic expressed regret that the political representatives [of RS] who do not recognize this day as a holiday did not attend the reception. ‘They think that Bosnian history begins after Dayton. Dayton stopped the war, but merely confirmed the already existent statehood and sovereignty of Bosnia. The first act of the Dayton Agreement states that Bosnia continues its legal existence in accordance with international law’, Silajdzic emphasized.

Sarajevo, November 2007

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