A blow for tolerance

Author: Beta/e-novine
Uploaded: Tuesday, 07 April, 2009

The Novi Sad city assembly, in accepting a proposal by local NGOs to honour the memory of a young man from Trebinje who was killed while trying to protect a Bosniak friend, has struck a symbolic blow for tolerance

The Novi Sad city assembly has decided to name a passage in the centre of the city after Srđan Aleksić, a young man from Trebinje who was killed in 1993 while trying to protect his Bosniak friend. The passage in question links the streets of Zmaj Jova and Ilija Ognjanović.

Sixteen years have passed since the death of Srđan Aleksić, who was killed in Trebinje by four soldiers of the Army of Republika Srpska when he tried to protect his friend Alen Glavović, a Bosniak from Trebinje. The attackers turned against Aleksić and beat him with their rifle butts in the immediate vicinity of the police station. He fell into a coma as a result of the wounds thus received, and died six days later, on 27 January 1993. One of his attackers died a few months later in battle while the rest were sentenced to two years and four months in prison each.

According to the commission for names in inhabited areas, its decision to endorse the proposal from local NGOs has ‘confirmed the multi-ethnic character and the tradition of tolerance’ of Novi Sad. The initiative came from the NGO ‘Civil Vojvodina’, made up of the Independent Journalists’ Society of Vojvodina, the Centre for Regionalism, and the Centre for Nurture of Civil Society from Zrenjanin. Other members include the Helsinki Committees for Human Rights in Belgrade and Novi Sad, the Open Lycee in Sombor, Civic Action from Pančevo, and the Green Network of Novi Sad.

Report from the Beta news agency; published on e-novine.com, 27 March.2009

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