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  • Author:  Refik Hodzic
    Uploaded:  Sunday, 27 May, 2012
    As reported by an article in BIRN's Balkan Transitional Justice website, the refusal of the world’s largest steel company to allow victims access to the site of the notorious former camp in Bosnia on ‘safety’ grounds is an outrage.
  • Author:  Jovan Divjak - interviewed by Michele Biava
    Uploaded:  Sunday, 27 May, 2012
    One of the foremost defenders of Bosnia in its war of independence, the Serb general Jovan Divjak, looks back at the events of 1992 from the perspective of today.
  • Author:  Vladimir Gligorov
    Uploaded:  Tuesday, 03 April, 2012
    Acute analysis of the possibilities and dangers implicit in the recent agreement between Belgrade and Prishtina, which paved the way for Serbia to gain EU candidate status.
  • Author:  Marko Attila Hoare
    Uploaded:  Thursday, 08 March, 2012
    Spirited review of a film that has aroused considerable controversy, concluding that it is 'a splendid film; possibly the best yet made about the Bosnian war'.
  • Author:  Marie Colvin
    Uploaded:  Thursday, 08 March, 2012
    To honour the memory of the great war correspondent Marie Colvin killed in Homs, we reprint an article by her on Kosova that appeared in Bosnia Report in 1998
  • Author:  Ivan Šarcevic
    Uploaded:  Thursday, 08 March, 2012
    Searing indictment by the editor of the Bosnian Franciscan journal Svjetlo Rijeci of the participation of Bosnian Croat political and religious leaders in an RS 'jubilee'.
  • Author:  Mirza Ajnadzic, BIRN, Sarajevo
    Uploaded:  Tuesday, 14 February, 2012
    As the author reports, if the prolonged crisis in funding forces this landmark institution to close, yet another ‘national’ cultural institution will have vanished from Bosnia.
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