A festival dedicated to the vibrant art scene of Bosnia-Herzegovina
LONDON 19 -29 September 2002
OUT OF BOSNIA celebrates the resurgent artistic energy of a country that should no longer be defined solely by images and memories of its war in the early nineties. The festival features a rich array of performance, cinema, visual arts, literature, discussions and much more. It introduces to London a new generation of artists who have started to achieve global success - witness the 2002 Oscar for best foreign-language film won by Danis Tanovic for No Man's Land and the acclaimed 'The Question of Bruno' by writer Aleksandar Hemon. The festival will build lasting cultural links between Britain and Bosnia, launching exchange projects, and inspiring collaborations between Bosnian communities in both countries.

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Bosnia has long been renowned across the Balkans and beyond for its prodigious artistic output, from cinema to poetry, theatre to music. This cultural energy was not extinguished by the conflict and, though the war is still very present in people's minds, a younger generation is starting to move beyond its experiences to forge exciting work for the new century. One notable result of the war has been the creation of a wide Bosnian diaspora scattered across the globe which includes many from the artistic community. OUT OF BOSNIA brings together for the first time in London some of Bosnia-Herzegovina's most outstanding performers, film-makers, artists and writers from Bosnia, the UK and abroad.

OUT OF BOSNIA is part of a longer season of the arts from Bosnia-Herzegovina continuing until early 2003 with the ICA's 'Sarajevo-London'. The Festival was launched in May 2002 with a concert by the fabulous musicians of Mostar Sevdah Reunion at the South Bank Centre.

For further information/press inquiries contact: Jon Fawcett,
Riverside Studios,
Crisp Road,
London, W6 9RL
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OUT OF BOSNIA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Visiting Arts, London Arts, The British Council, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Principal sponsor: Air Bosna

Sponsors: ABV Intolite, "Klas" Sarajevo, Bobar Group